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Article of the Day
Palio di SienaDaemon3607Today at 6:20:03 PM
by Wilmar (USA) 
Daily Grammar Lesson
Defining Imperative SentencesDaemon3626Today at 3:25:10 AM
by Adyl Mouhei 
English Grammar
erupted in anger Koh Elaine341Today at 7:40:27 PM
by Koh Elaine 
has or haveKoh Elaine448Today at 7:37:53 PM
by Koh Elaine 
'Why (do you) learn a language which, when you converse/communicate in it, gives...?'A cooperator2104Today at 7:02:29 PM
by A cooperator 
who or whomKoh Elaine376Today at 6:04:19 PM
by coxygru 
Staggeringly Difficult Word ListReiko074148Today at 5:41:09 PM
by Reiko07 
Is a comma required?Koh Elaine285Today at 5:21:29 PM
by Koh Elaine 
<only used in> or <used only in>Reiko078200Today at 4:20:09 PM
by Reiko07 
Barn owlJigneshbharati472Today at 3:39:35 PM
by Jigneshbharati 
Rephrasing Koh Elaine282Today at 2:22:38 PM
by Koh Elaine 
(the) survival of the fittestRoman869197Today at 11:49:19 AM
by thar 
who is tallazz382Today at 9:05:45 AM
by Kirill Vorobyov 
He did it to be spiteful.onsen377Today at 8:51:40 AM
by thar 
Word orderRoman8612232Today at 6:05:06 AM
by Romany 
Out ofJigneshbharati13262Today at 3:59:20 AM
by Kirill Vorobyov 
'leaking' is an adjectival participle or present continuous tense + an intransitive verbA cooperator12305Today at 12:01:24 AM
by A cooperator 
less or lesserKoh Elaine289Yesterday at 9:22:17 PM
by Koh Elaine 
'adopted child/father/parents etc' is correctA cooperator7192Yesterday at 8:00:33 PM
by A cooperator 
English Vocabulary
compliments or complementsKoh Elaine366Today at 5:17:10 PM
by Koh Elaine 
Grammar Mohammad Reza.s184Today at 11:37:08 AM
by FounDit 
A meaning questionalibey19175116Today at 11:33:42 AM
by alibey1917 
Doggy things
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Jyrkkä Jätkä1704,636Today at 6:08:21 PM
by anton exobio 
The Best of Cartoons
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rogermue41492,963Today at 4:36:51 PM
by anton exobio 
A pair of...
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Gunjika1,389110,411Today at 4:27:58 PM
by anton exobio 
Name a,country or state!
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antonio8,7671,304,253Today at 4:21:11 PM
by anton exobio 
Just Cat Things
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Schlook Inside51420,829Today at 4:01:44 PM
by anton exobio 
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kamalraj49696,189Today at 9:56:46 AM
Don't mess with the press
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Luker431419,351Today at 9:50:12 AM
[ Go to Page: 1 ... 444, 445, 446 ]
kamalraj15,599914,656Today at 4:51:11 AM
by anton exobio 
Association from the last letter
[ Go to Page: 1 ... 230, 231, 232 ]
Shivanand8,093899,341Today at 4:11:03 AM
by Ursus Minor 
Collection of Bridges big and small
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Luker41,670227,303Today at 4:06:58 AM
by Ursus Minor 
change one letter game
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saachi14,5181,480,272Today at 3:43:01 AM
by Ursus Minor 
Idiom of the Day
fork over the doughDaemon7359Today at 6:19:22 PM
by Wilmar (USA) 
Maps of the Ancient Sea KingsRSoul12315Today at 3:43:06 AM
by Kirill Vorobyov 
"Warning" by AnonymousOscar D. Grouch6191Today at 7:05:23 PM
by Romany 
FYI- A geopolitical earthquake has shaken US leadership in the world — Russia and China stand to ben
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Hope123881,944Today at 6:43:40 PM
by Romany 
Veterans to US: "Trump is a national security threat."Oscar D. Grouch054Today at 1:14:05 PM
by Oscar D. Grouch 
Independent: Everything you were told about the Syrian war was wrong – until nowUrsus Minor194Today at 7:12:33 AM
by Romany 
Quote of the Day
Contempt is that which putteth an edge upon anger, as much or more than the hurt itself.Daemon6551Today at 7:43:10 PM
by Nelson Cerqueira 
This Day in History
Ramzi Yousef Found Guilty of Masterminding 1993 World Trade Center Bombing (1997)Daemon4644Today at 3:46:24 AM
by Adyl Mouhei 
Today's Birthday
Grace Kelly (1929)Daemon3547Today at 12:59:36 PM
by taurine 
Today's Holiday
Birthday of Sun Yat-senDaemon4471Today at 5:02:53 AM
by Adyl Mouhei 
Vocabulario del idioma español
¿Cómo se escribe: Pulpo o Púlpo?RamonFredy143,620Today at 5:43:13 AM
by volviendo al ruedo 
Word of the Day
drowseDaemon6869Today at 6:18:26 PM
by Wilmar (USA) 
Word Trivia
silkDaemon081Today at 12:00:00 AM
by Daemon 
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